Change of Forename(s) For A Major Or Minor

(In The South African National Population Register)

This amendment is in terms of Section 24(1) of the Births and Deaths Registration Act, 1992.

Section 17 of The Children's Act (Act No. 38 of 2005) stipulates that a child becomes a major upon reaching the age of 18 years.

Application for: corrections, re-registration of a birth, insertion of the biological father's particulars, change of the surname of a major and change of the surname of a minor, is different and the applicable guidelines should be consulted.

On receipt of the under-mentioned documentation, your application for the change of your forename(s) will be referred to the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

  1. Application forms BI-85 and BI-529.
  2. New Birth Registration form BI-24.
  3. Form DHA-9 - All applications for amendments of persons 16 years and older MUST include the finger print form. To obtain the DHA-9 finger print form please send a self-addressed prepaid ordinary or express post envelope to the South African High Commission, State Circle, Yarralumla, Canberra 2600. Please include a cover note requesting the form and quoting applicant(s) full name and RSA ID number(s). (If more than one DHA-9 form is required please send a separate envelope for each form or one large envelope to accommodate all the forms).
  4. Birth certificate which shows parentage place of birth.
  5. Evidence of usage of the forename(s) to be registered. This may be in the form of qualifications, school reports, baptismal certificates, bank statements, etc. or a statutory declaration by a South African citizen who is prepared to state that this is the name currently being used.
  6. In case of an application by a minor with a single parent, the circumstances must be set out briefly. In case of a divorce, proof of custody must be attached.

Application Fee: Non-refundable fee of AUD 16.00 (adult) or AUD 8.00 (child).

Payment must be in Australian Dollars (AUD) made out to the "South African High Commission" by way of Postal Money Order or Bank Cheque.

Personal cheques or credit cards are NOT accepted. ONE bank cheque or Postal Money Order for the total amount / whole family is preferred. Incorrect payment will not be accepted; in case of incorrect payment the cheque or postal money order will be returned to applicant.

Return Postage

  • For applications originating from within Australia, a Self-addressed Registered Post Envelope (only one envelope per family).

A processing period of approximately NINE months is involved. Kindly double the self-addressed return envelopes or postage fee if you require that the above originals are sighted and returned upon receipt at this Mission.

Allow fifteen working days from receipt for return of original documents.

Postal Address:

South African High Commission
State Circle

If further information is required, please contact this Mission on +61 (02) 6272 7300 between 08.30 am to 12:00 pm Monday to Friday, Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST

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