South African Drivers License

Renewal or replacement of RSA credit card format driving licence

Kindly note the following before reading this notice:

  • Your South African driving licence card is your valid proof that you have a South African Driving Licence. When your driving licence card has expired, it does not mean that your driving licence has expired. Only your valid proof of such a licence has expired.
  • The process to follow in the case where a Driving Licence Card is lost or stolen is the same as for the renewal of a Driving Licence Card that is about to expire/has expired.

Renewal of Driving Licence Card for applicants who reside outside the borders of the Republic of South Africa:

Applicants should note that a Driving Licence Card cannot be renewed without the applicant applying in person as new fingerprints, photographs, signature and an eye test needs to be submitted.

Applicants planning to visit the Country are permitted to renew their licences, however, should they not be in the Country at the time of delivery, are entitled to nominate a relative or other person to collect the licence on their behalf. Such applicants must follow the procedure as referred to in Section 1 and ensure that:

  • The Driving Licence Testing Centre (DLTC) is to be notified by the applicant when he/she goes to renew the card, that a person whom they have nominated will collect the licence in accordance of section 1.3 above.

It takes approximately six weeks for the Driving Licence Card to be delivered to the DLTC. Applicants can therefore apply for a Temporary Driving Licence and submit this together with their application for a renewal, to enable them to drive, until the card is delivered.

Applicants outside the borders of the RSA who's Driving Licence Cards have expired or were lost / stolen and who are not in a position to return to the RSA to have the licence renewed:

The RTMC is in a position to issue a confirmation letter should such applicant have a valid licence, this will be established on the National Traffic Information System. The letter will serve as proof that the applicant has a valid licence and this will enable them to convert to a foreign driving licence in the country of current residence.

Please note that the confirmation letter cannot be interpreted as a driving licence when produced to a law enforcement official.

Process to Follow

Request the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) in writing for a Confirmation Letter of your drivers licence.

Applicants requiring confirmation letters are requested to include their RSA identity number and postal address, the provided address is where the confirmation letter will be posted, upon applying for a confirmation letter.

Information supplied by:

Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC)
110 Witch-Hazel Avenue
Highveld Technopark, Centurion, Tshwane
Private Bag X147
Pretoria, 0001

Contact person for driving licence queries:

Mr. David Motloung
eNatis Help Desk Officer: Information system section
Road Traffic Management Corporation
Private Bag x 147
Pretoria, 0001
Telephone:+27 (0)12 999 5232 / +27 (0)834294915

Ms Laetitia Botma
Dept of Transport
Telephone: +27 012 309 3763
Fax: +27 012 325 5680

Rhoda Pheeha
NaTIS Help Desk Officer
Road Traffic Management Corporation
Telephone: +27 012 665 6073
Fax: +27 012 665 6104

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